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Rewrite needed – 42 Sexy Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, and Even Yourself

Gift guides are a dime a dozen at the moment of the year 2017, and the concern is that a lot of options are unbelievably boring. They’re packed with same gimmicky gifts which you know are likely to end up sitting unopened, being regifted, or getting thrown out with the tinsel. Your man doesn’t need an additional pair of shoes. Your best friend doesn’t need a different coffee mug. Nobody needs those damn whiskey rocks. Try out something new this coming year, and add spice to your holiday gift ideas with sexy presents that can bring real and long lasting pleasure to your friends and family? Who says special occasions end up being G-rated?

Giving a sexy gift is really not that strange if you think about it. We’re all so crazed, stressed, depressed, and anxious around this time of the year, that we could all benefit from slowing down, getting more in touch with our bodies, and spending quality alone time with our partners. A potential orgasm is just the icing on the cake.

This gift guide is filled with flirty, sensual, arousing, and downright hot gifts for the most important people on your list. And don’t worry — it’s not all just vibrators. I have suggested a couple of my favorite sex toys, but there are also plenty of gifts to sneakily introduce the idea of pleasure and enjoyment. Here are my picks for the sexiest gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and even, yourself.

For Your Girlfriend Who Loves Lingerie

Eberjey Colette Chemise, Amazon

Or try these adorable shorties, also by Eberjey.

India Shortie, Amazon

Gift her a gorgeous chemise, like this one from Elle Macpherson Intimates.

Elle Macpherson Intimates, Amazon

If you’re not sure what kind of lingerie she’s into, get her a gift card to True and Co. The company has a unique way of getting your measurements, and is fanatical about proper fit.

Gift Card, TrueAndCo

Or this beauty from Eberjey.

For Your Friend Who’s Never Had an Orgasm

Has your BFF been open with you about the fact that she has never been able to orgasm? Be her orgasm cheerleader by getting her one of my favorite toys for women, the Minna Life Limon.

Minna Life Limon, Amazon

For Your Best Guy Friend

You may not be sleeping with them, but why not invest in helping your guy friends become considerate and skillful in the sack? One of my favorite book recommendations is She Comes First by Ian Kerner. This should be required reading for every straight man.

She Comes FirstAmazon

Another great idea is a condom sampler from Lucky Bloke. This company is out to change the world by making condoms more comfortable and pleasurable.

Condom SamplerAmazon

If he’s gay, take a peek at the Warwick Rowers 2016 calendar. The pictures are hot, and 10 percent of the proceeds go to their charity Sport Allies, which combats “bullying, homophobia, and low self-esteem” in the gay community.

Warwick Rowers 2016 CalendarAmazon

For Your Roommate Who’s Always Hooking Up

This massage oil candle takes care of two things at once.

LELO Massage Candle Amazon

For Your Roommate Who’s Always Hooking Up

Or this instructional blowjob DVD by infamous grapefruit technique creator Auntie Angel.

Angel’s Fellatio Secrets DVDAngel’s Erotic Solutions

For Your Friend Who’s Never Had an Orgasm

Or a PC exerciser like the Elvie Kegel Exerciser.

Elvie Kegel ExerciserAmazon

For Your Roommate Who’s Always Hooking Up

Bonk, a hilarious book about sex research by Mary Roach, is another relatively innocent choice.


For Your Single and Ready-to-Mingle Bestie

Want your gift to include some quality time together? Sign both of you up for a confidence-boosting striptease class.

Striptease class, StripXpertease

Or a burlesque one!

Burlesque Dancing Class, SchoolofBurlesque

If you have a group of friends, have everyone come along to a private workshop at Babeland.

Private workshop, Babeland

Or sign the crew up for an aphrodisiac cooking class.

Sex On The Table Cooking ClassChefFedNY

For Your Roommate Who’s Always Hooking Up

If you want to try something a little more risque, you can get them an inexpensive cock ring vibrator.

Tenga Vi-Bo Cock Ring Amazon

For Your Mom (Yes, Your Mom)

You don’t need to buy mom a vibrator to help her get in touch with her sensual side. Massage oil is great gift to give. Check out this beautiful set by Mullein and Sparrow.

Mullein and SparrowEtsy

Aziz Light Apothecary also has some great options.


Bath soaks are another delightfully relaxing option. Herbivore Botanicals has an incredible Coconut Milk soak. There’s also a Cyprus Mint variety.

Coconut Milk Bath SoakUrban Outfitters

Bundle your picks with a teakwood and tobacco candle for the ultimate sensual indulgence.

Candle no. 4: Teakwood and TobaccoUrban Outfiters

For Your Longterm Love

There are also tons of fun bondage accessories you can use together, like these sophisticated handcuffs from Crave.

Leather cuffs, Amazon

Perhaps the most obvious X-rated gift option is a vibrator that you can use together. Take a look at the We-Vibe 4.

We-Vibe 4, Amazon

And check out this gorgeous cuff from Bijoux Indiscrets.

Désir Métallique Gold Metallic Mesh Handcuffs, Amazon

It also comes with a hot collar.

Désir Métallique Metallic Mesh Gold Collar, Amazon

This Sportsheet restraint system offers a world of possibilities.

The Original Sportsheet, Starting at Amazon

Another option is to look into sexual position enhancers. The Liberator is an old classic (and can I get a hell-yeah for the hot curvy models on their website?).

Liberator Ramp, Amazon

Stuff their stocking with the Nerve Position A Day Playbook to help you both think of more ways to use these new purchases!

Nerve Position A Day PlaybookAmazon

The Tor II is a vibrating cock ring that provides pleasure for both partners.

Babeland Tor II, Babeland

The Love Bumper also offers some interesting sex furniture options.

Iceberg Love Bumper, LoveBumper

For a real splurge, take a gander at the Revel Essence chair, specifically and meticulously designed to make sex more intimate and creative.

Revel Essence Chair, RevelFurniture

Etsy is a great source for hilarious and naughty holiday greeting cards. Give your guy a hint at the presents that are in store for them with this card or this one. Want a super easy gift idea? In your card, write that you’ll grant them one sexual wish as a gift. If you’re on a budget, tell them you’ll perform a striptease, and include a CD of your favorite sexy songs.

Holiday card, Etsy

Get your partner a subscription to a premium porn site that the two of you can enjoy together. X-art tends to be a favorite among my female clientele because of their attractive models and nice lighting. If you want porn that’s feminist and sex-positive, check out Bright Desire, which showcases real couples.

Bright Desire MembershipBright Desire

Maybe I’m biased here, but a sex therapy session can be a really fun gift to give. Tell your therapist beforehand that you want to use the session to get ideas for new positions, explore your sexual boundaries, or talk about how to act out a fantasy.

Sex Therapy SessionVM Therapy

For Yourself

So is this Lola Lace bra set.

Lola Lace Bra SetAsos

Check out my women’s pleasure program, designed to help busy modern women infuse more relaxation, confidence, and pleasure into daily life!

The Pleasure Principles, VM Therapy

To go along with your photo shoot, try splurging on some sexy new lingerie. This Asos getup is a showstopper.

ASOS Millie Caged Lace & Velvet Underwire Bra, Asos

See also: ASOS Becca Lace Strappy Moulded Underwire BraAsos

Don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season!

One of my favorite ideas is to book a boudoir photography session. It’s a great way to boost your self-esteem and feel confident in your own skin.

Boudoir Photography SessionBoudoirByLily

Or make this the year that you finally learn how to have an orgasm, with my online orgasm school!

Finishing School, VM Therapy

Or make this the year that you finally learn how to have an orgasm, with my online orgasm school!

Finishing School, VM Therapy

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