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Kids are lovers of festive period especially  the new year, their emotions are triggered when given a new gift during this period, for them, it’s a period where lots of gifts are given out and also received especially children.  Kids love their new year present to be customized, made for them alone. Stitching their names on backpacks, beach towels, and bean bags adds a special touch to a gift for a girl and boy; they just love that special touch on their gifts which shows that’s for them specifically, it gets them so excited for example when kids are given new year gift they have not received before, something new to their toys collection, a gift they have always requested for, most importantly a new year gift should be something enticing. Like a customized T/shirt with happy new year  “2017” at the front of the shirt and the kids name at the back of the shirt, its sends that info of them  been special, any kid given this T/shirt as a new year gift would really fill the impact of the new year because the shirt is automatically telling the kid happy new year, that is why is carries the kids name and a happy new year on it, it’s an awesome gift for an awesome kid  and the price is very reasonable and affordable.


Young kid from age 1-9 likes gifts that are very flashy and admirable, WolVol electric fire truck toy with stunning 3D lights and sirens (fire alarm, let’s go, out of my way) is just that new year gift you have been searching for, The WolVol Electric Fire Engine Emergency Vehicle Rescue Truck Toy for kids, is built with high-speed wheels and beautiful flashing 3D lights. The 3D light effects are very attractive and colorful. The WolVol Electric Fire Truck has a mind of its own; it will drive as if a human is driving it, goes around and change direction on contact it’s a great new gift for kids, they would  instantly fall in love with the truck with its ever shining lights and has the ability to travel on its own and talk! Any kid within the age range mentioned earlier would be so fascinated with this toy, very easy to operate the kids within the age range can operate on their own,  With the CAP ON, he can push it around like a normal truck. With the CAP OFF, it allows the spinners to move so the truck travels by itself, with its amazing bumper control action. It is the perfect idea for New year  Gift for any kiddo, a new year gift that any kid would want to sleep by its side.

Children  with their anxiety and fun fare of the new year, they always expect a gift from their family, something that suits their needs at that particular time, technology is the headline of this generation and the set of person that fits in perfectly into this tech generation are kids, because it’s not just learning for them but fun also, that’s why Vtech 80-171650 kids zoom smart watch Dx is a perfect new year gift for kids age 5-15 it makes them fit perfectly into this tech generation enlightening, educating,  and having fun is all this smart watch, the vetch kids zoom smart watch dx is a smartwatch like no other for kids with more fun games and activities! Perfect for young kids who loves photography, this is a durable smartwatch has more memory than others so kids can take tons of pictures and videos.  They would use the new motion sensor to explore three action challenges. The smart watch also includes eight games kids can play using the touch screen as well as the ability to download more from learning lodge. The watch helps tech kids how to tell time by letting choose between more than fifty 3D digital and analog displays. In addition to the alarm, time and stopwatch two new tools are included a calendar feature and a calculator so kids can work out simple additions, subtraction, multiplication, and division problem. Using the included micro USB cable kids can also upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery. Smartwatch dx is more than just a watch; it’s the kid’s zoom that stands out among others. It’s Wonderful New Year gifts for kids.


Eocusun kids ball pitpen, 39.4 inch by 19.7 with zippered storage bag   is a nice New Year gifts for kids ages 0-8 the ball pit is super cool and extremely handy! It cools the nerves of kids who are full of so much energy and does kids who have a hard time sitting still through activities, this is a perfect solution because they would be amazed and when they are inside the pit ball they would love it. Quite easy to set up and also as easy to put it back up, just unfold it and its pops up so it can easily be taken on the go and it easily folds down to be put away. This playpen ball pit is made from a great quality of material, it been sold for a very good price and its a lot bigger than it looks online, this is a new year gift for kids that turns on that amazing feeling in them with their faces full of smile.  Mega blocks big building bag 80 pieces (classic) keeps little kids occupied, mega blocks big building big offers hours of play for young kids. The building set has endless possibilities, creative play, its stimulates imagination and creativity, it thus promotes child development they can play with it, store it and also take it where ever they are going to, it very handy. This mega blocks builder is not restricted to a particular gender both female and the male gender can use it. The building set comes with a sturdy, practical and reusable storage bag so you can keep all the mega blocks pieces securely in one piece. This is an endless creativity with over 80 award winning building blocks! Build stack and explore endless construction possibilities with the building blocks in classic colors. If you are looking for a New Year gift that would entertain your kid and challenge them, the Meg blocks Lego set does the job. It a toy all kid comes backs to time and time again, unlike some toys which are tossed away after some time. This is an awesome New Year gift for kids, which gives them the opportunity to stimulate their imagination learning skills while encouraging discovery, fine motor skills, and open play. A must get new year gift for your little ones and awesome kids.

One new gift that your daughter would love so much is FurReal Friends plush pets are all about rich, life-like pet experiences! Their exciting, engaging, and interactive play help to encourage care giving, forge lifelong friendships, and create unforgettable memories! My Walkin’ Pup pet when you walk her using her leash controller. She’s so adorable with her poseable head and wagging tail, you may want to take her everywhere you go! The Pup pet is more than an adorable walking partner. She’ll sit when you pet her head and when you talk to her she’ll talk back to you in her sweet puppy language. My Walkin’ Pup pet wags her tail and will even talk back and forth with her FurReal Friends pal, their different types each with their own sweet pet sounds! Now there’s a free FurReal Friends app for you to download and play in many more ways with Get Up & GoGo, My Walkin’ Pup. When you keep her close to you, she will play along and respond in adorable ways to the many app activities that you play. Isn’t that amazing it can play online too awesome! The battery last long enough to enjoy the fun with the little pup, there is no more difference between having a real dog and having My walkin pup. It has exciting features of a real dog and that cute looking face. This is a perfect New Year gift for kids within the range of 9-15, especially females, they would love it.


To catch the attention of kids and keep them busy instead of disturbing, you need to buy them gifts. Sky rover voice command is that gifts that always keep your kids busy. Let your kids take control like never before with the Sky Rover Voice Command helicopter. Speak into the headset to control your helicopter with 12 different voice commands – AWESOME! Also includes manual, remote control, for simple or advanced flying. Additional features include Smart Hover, an automatic hovering feature, and a built-in gyro-balanced engine for steady flight. It is very easily controlled and can be flown indoors without too much practice. The Sky Rover Voice Command R/C Helicopter is a great beginner RC copter for kids, very durable to crashes, includes extra blades and parts in case something breaks, suitable gift for kids age 5-15, it keeps them occupied and have real fun, the voices command is amazing with your command alone your can control the rover, not hard to control just need a little indoor practice and you are good to go. Contixo kids safe 7 qual-core tablet 8gb Bluetooth, wifi, camera is an awesome new year gift that brings your kids close to modern technology, there different types of technology by the qual core is an example if modern technology, breaking bounds among compared to old ones, it has the ability to educate kids and they can also have lots of fun with, No bones about it – this is one fantastic “deluxe” kid’s tablet. Its ability are awesome, it’s a New Year gift that speaks for itself.

As kids get older their demand begin to change and tend to get mature look full grown like an adult but one of  kids demand that don’t change from time immemorial is their demand for a gift, they appreciate it the more when that gift is a new year gift that suits them. Make sure you get a new gift for your kid, something SPECIAL!

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